Road Roller – 1 Day

Road Roller – 1 Day

This 1 day Road Roller training course aims to give trainees the knowledge, understanding and basic operating skills of the roller in a safe and confident manner. The key fundamentals of driving, vehicle inspections and Health & Safety issues are covered.

We have very experienced and friendly Instructors who put our trainees at their ease and guide them through the NPORS integrated training and assessment over the full day.

The first part of the course covers the theory part in a classroom environment and the rest of the course involves practical training.  The premises where the training takes place provides a good sized area to “play with”!  Gravel and hardcore rubble will need to be rolled and vibrated flat.

Our Instructors are accredited to NPORS and will provide a Certificate of  Training and Skills ID Card following the course.  It will also be registered with NPORS.

Please note we can take a maximum of 4 trainees for this 1 day’s training course.


For more information call 07923160727 / 01472 399889 or email

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Minimum Duration

Full Day

Assessment Type

Integrated training and assessment (ITA)


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